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The jungle survival skills teacher; Part III

jungle survival skills
Choose your jungle survival teacher wisely. Your life may depend on it

The best jungle survivall skills teacher may just be yourself. It all boils down to how much you are willing to learn and the amount of practise you have invested in mastering the appropriate skills. You can actually learn jungle survival skills from the internet or by reading books but some of these knowledge would require you to practice (fire making, shelter building, knife handling etc). Spending time in the jungle helps to expand your comfort zone and understanding of the jungle better.

Here are a few jungle survival skills teachers I have met in the past. While some may not claim to be teachers, I still learnt a lot from them. If I had to name jungle survival teachers (whom I know personally) here in Malaysia, these would be the individuals.

Disclaimer: The following are based strictly on my personal experience and opinion.

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