Imagine one day things turn ugly. Like really ugly. Total chaos and anarchy. Every man for himself. The things we are so dependant on  starts to fail, leaving us lost and vulnerable. The electric grid is down. Paralysing everything that works on it. The MRT is dead. All of a sudden the fame and glamour of living in a apartment penthouse turns into a curse. As darkness starts to envelop, we start to realize it is just the beginning.

The dominoes starts to fall. The taps run dry. The water tanks above our roof starts to empty out fast? We run to the nearby store to buy bottled water only to find people fighting over the last case? Unless you are living in Japan, you’d probably have to fight (or be killed) for that last case of bottled water. Even if you manage to get hold of the last bottle …what’s stopping burly Charlie from bashing your head for it? Who’s gonna care? The police?

Perhaps you are smart. You have been anticipating this. You stocked up on food and water. Its enough to keep you and your family alive for a week. Great. But what about your neighbours? Dick living across the corridor has 4 mouths to feed and has nothing left in the fridge (which is not working anyway because the electricity is out). You sharing your food with him? Is he trustworthy? After the one week is up…will Dick believe you that your supply has run dry? Will you be able to keep Dick (or anyone else for that matter) out from your house? Do you have the means to fight them off?

What is YOUR PLAN?

Sounds paranoid? Probably.  But I bet you the folks in Fukushima and Bandar Acheh did not see it coming. The big question is WHAT IF? I know I can never be ready enough, hence I started this prepping blog to kinda force myself into prepping.

Life is unpredictable. That’s a fact.

This site is dedicated to sharing thoughts and ideas from different individuals  on ‘prepping’ in Malaysia. Our contributing ‘writers’  come from various background. Their writings (opinions) are based on their personal experiences, training, preferences and does not necessarily reflect the site’s stand on any particular issue.

If you are a serious prepper or is someone who is planning to start prepping, we suggest that you do your research thoroughly and carefully before you start. Very quickly, prepping can turn into a hoarding exercise if you are not careful.

Be safe.

Start packing,

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