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Simple backpack mod

mountainsmith wolrd cup flap
The velcro on the flaps no longer work. It keeps opening up. I gotta do something about it

I decided to do a simple backpack mod on the Mountainsmith World Cup backpack over the weekend. I been taking this pack on daily basis recently and realized the velcro flap at the front doesn’t seem to stick anymore. The flap keeps opening up whenever I stuff the front pocket with stuff. Something easy to fix…now that I have a sewing machine at home.

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Clean campsites in Malaysia

clean campsites in Malaysia
In search of clean campsites in Malaysia

Are there any clean campsites in Malaysia? Campsites that are free from human rubbish? I have started jungle camping and over the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that Malaysian are not very good in keeping their jungle  clean. Almost all established campsites I visited so far are littered with rubbish.

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Home sewing project; a satchel

This heavy duty cotton canvas was taken from my folding campbed. Served me well for many years but I guess its no match to the extra pounds I put on over the years

I have decided to start a home sewing project in my store room.  Rather than having the sewing machine sit in the corner and do nothing, it will be put to good use making some small projects I have been thinking for a while. This is my first attempt. A satchel for work.

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Best Malaysia knife sharpening service

Malaysia knife sharpening service
Probably the top Malaysia knife sharpening service now. Mr Loh owns and operates The Polished Edge

This guy is probably Malaysia knife sharpening service top guy. A knife enthusiast himself, Mr Loh starting providing the service after much practice on knives he owns himself. I was at OGM recently and manage to see Mr Loh’s hand at work touching up the edges on a really fine knife. Looking at the knife he is sharpening is enough a testament of confidence the knife owner has on Loh.

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Mora knife distributor in Malaysia

Mora knife distributor in Malaysia
Mora knife distributor named on Morakniv official website

Some months back, I heard there will be a new Mora knife distributor in Malaysia. I had mixed feelings about it. Distribution of any sort of outdoor adventure gear in Malaysia has never been in favor of end user because of the multi-tiered profiteering by the distributor and re-sellers. And now  it looks like Mora knives in Malaysia will suffer the same fate.

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Fursan Blades- pandai besi tempatan bertaraf dunia

Faris dari Fursan Blades memberi tumpuan penuh mengasah bilah parang milik seorang pelanggan

Seperti yang ditulis si Mystrm sebelum ini, Fursan Blades adalah seorang pandai besi (tukang pisau) kelahiran ibu kota Kuala Lumpur yang kini menjadi ikutan ramai peminat pisau di Malaysia. Sejak pertemuan pertama beliau dengan Mystrm hampir 6 bulan yang lalu, Fursan Blades kini telah menganjak kemahiran beliau ke tahap yang lebih tinggi. Berikut pemerhatian Wak semasa bertemu beliau minggu lepas.

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Jungle use of Mora Eldris

Mora Eldris Malaysia
A short jungle test of the Mora Eldris

So, I was given the Mora Eldris by the Mora representative when I last met him.  Despite the usual work and travel, I still manage to squeeze in an overnight jungle trip to test out the knife (and other bits of gear too!).  I am never a big fan of small (2″ cutting edge or less) or folding knives but am always open to give it a go. So, here is my take on the Mora Eldris.

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Water filter for outdoor activities & camping in Malaysia

Plenty of water in the jungle but no way to be 100% sure if they are safe for consumption

A friend invited me to a jungle camping trip and hence I needed to buy a water filter for outdoor activities. I decided to visit OGM and see what they have that I can use. Turns out they have some really cool filters that I can use for both my camping trip and possible for my preppers kit as well.

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Best sportswear store in Klang Valley

Sportswear store in Klang Valley
Decathlon is the biggest sportswear store in Klang Valley (and maybe Malaysia)

Decathlon at Bandar Sri Damansara is probably the best sportswear store in Klang Valley to date. I visited them recently and found them to be right on the mark for their reputation. Decathlon offers a good range of products for almost all kinds of sports imaginable (that includes diving, horse riding, hunting & some golf). Best part of all, there are heaps of stuff (cheap too) that would be great for preppers in Malaysia.

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A compact voltmeter for car

A car cigarette lighter USB charger that comes equipped with a voltmeter

I wanted a voltmeter for car after hearing of my friend’s stressful episode of having his car battery fail on him. Voltmeter tells you the voltage of your car battery (before, during and after the engine runs). A mechanic told me he can get a dedicated voltmeter fixed on my dash for about RM150. Seriously?

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