Older Norlund brand axe

Norlund brand axe
An old Norlund axe found among the stash of tools that belongs to dad

Here’s an older Norlund brand axe I dug up from the pile of tool my dad kept in the store. Dad wanted me to take down a tree and asked me to go get a cutting tool. Didn’t know what brand the axe was until I have done the task asked off me. Quite a good little axe. Even just after a brief use, I felt it outperforms the Silky Ono and Gransfors I tried out previously.

Dad can’t remember where he got the axe from but it was purchased locally. This is an example of the good old days when all we had were good stuff on the shelves of the local stores. Dad also remembered those ugly looking plastic handled knives which later I found out to be Moras. Dad’s take on good looking knives involves wood and brass. Those were the in-things during his era I guess.

older Norlund brand axe
Would make a decent camp axe perhaps? But somehow I am not convinced an axe is a great tool for jungle camping


The tree I took down was a Moringa if not mistaken. Not of hard wood at all. It was really easy to take the entire tree down with the Norlund brand axe. I used the axe to process the entire tree. Piece of cake. The rather slim profile of the edge of the axe makes cutting off the branches easy. The not too heavy weight of the axe head and good handle length gives me enough leverage to make cutting a breeze.

Norlund axe
The edge profile makes cutting rather effortless


According to this website , it seems like the Norlunds brand of axes came about possibly in the 1920s or 1960s. This could possibly be the Voyager or Tomahawk model. For an axe to be in such good shape, especially the wooden handle, I have to say that I am impressed with the quality. Dad thinks the leather sheath of the axe head is still around…somewhere in the store room.

Norlund axe
The Norlund axe- can barely make out the brand on the axe head


Dad insisted that I keep this old Norlund brand axe but I declined. I know dad has some good memories attached to it. In his younger years he hunted and fished rather extensively and this axe may have served him in many situations. For now, the Norlund axe will remain in his store room until I am called upon to cut down another tree.