Where to buy camping hammock in KL

camping hammock
Two available camping hammock models at Decathlon during my recent visit


There are several places where you can buy camping hammock in KL. Online selling sites like Mudah and Lelong has much to offer, though some may not be suitable at all for jungle camping because of the size, design and especially weight. The gem hammock I found recently was at Decathlon, a sporting gear retailer I am loving more and more. Decathlon stores are located at Sri Damansara and USJ (beside Summit USJ).

Buying camping hammock from reputable sellers like Decathlon gives better confidence than those  unbranded or never heard before brands hammock sold elsewhere. All products at Decathlon is covered by their own warranty and they are reasonably priced. I have personally returned items purchased from them and was given a replacement without much hassle at all.

camping hammock at Decathlon USJ
Two models of hammock ion display at Decathlon USJ. Good value for money I would say.


The camping hammocks selling at Decathlon are your basic hammocks. The two models are catered to single and double person use. Both has it’s pros and cons. To any serious jungle camper, the main gripe would be the lack of mosquito net. I personally have used and slept in a Hennessy Classic hammock on several jungle trips and I do find the mosquito net extremely effective but a bit on the heavy side. I have met seasoned jungle campers who swear by simple, light, without nets hammocks.

2 person camping hammock
The bigger hammock for two persons with a maximum weight capacity of 220kg. Available at Decathlon.

Choose carefully when buying your hammock as it is your primary shelter/comfort in the jungle. I am now trying out a new system of carrying two net-less hammocks on jungle trips. The rational is pretty simple. Sleep on one, use the other as a light blanket. And if (touch wood) ever the one I am sleeping on breaks, all I need to do is swap the two roles around.

single jungle camping hammock
Single person hammock. I reckon it would make a great light blanket/ backup hammock


Decathlon Malaysia location and hours
Two Decathlon stores in Klang Valley and the operation hours. Screenshot from the official website


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Decathlon Malaysia. But I do find their products (though some say cheap) are reasonably priced and the quality isn’t bad at all. They are a good place to buy jungle camping hammock in KL and definitely worth the time spent to browse around for other items as well.