Hammock for jungle camping

large jungle scorpion
One of the little jungle ground creatures I encountered recently. This fella was attracted to the light from out campsite

Hammock for jungle camping is the best option for those who truly want to do long term jungle trips. I have been watching episodes of Naked & Afraid and Marooned with Ed Stafford and each time it comes to the jungle, two things stand out consistently…you have to get off the jungle floor and you got to protect yourself from the little creatures.


Hammock for jungle camping keeps you off the vicious jungle ground. And if you get a set of hammock with mossie net like the Hennessy Hammocks you gain the extra benefit of being protected from the pesky mosquitoes, flies, sweat bees, sand-flies etc. The list is endless. It is quiet true that the things that would likely drive you nut and really push the limits of your sanity are the small creatures.

jungle leech and ants
Sleep on the jungle floor and you expose yourself to both of these. Here the ants are overpowering the leech (which a few minutes earlier was feeding on me). Imagine having both of these crawl onto you while you lie down on the jungle floor


Hammock also allows you to camp just about any terrain in the jungle, as long as you can find two trees/ poles that is strong enough to carry your weight… you are then all set. The ground does not have to be flat (for tents or ground sheet) and it does not have to be free from roots etc. Imagine the amount of energy and time you save from having to clear the ground. Not forgetting you also minimise your expose to potential injuries (knife cuts, thorns etc).

There are 101 ways to setup your hammock for jungle camping. The best way to find out which system works best for you is to try it out yourself. I have invested in a few systems (some costs an arm and leg) but I always find myself going back to the simplest one. To learn more about jungle camping and its related skills, I would suggest you look at Pauls website and his Youtube channel. Below is one video on ultralight hammock system he posted about 5 years ago.


hammock for jungle camping
This hammock does not come with a mossie net. But you can always but a separate mossie net to use


There are some who gets overly concerned about damaging the trees when they pitch their hammocks in the jungle. I respect their opinions but to me that’s a load of crap. Your very presence in the jungle is already causing an impact. There is no way of not creating an impact in the jungle if you want to be in it. The best you can do is minimise it. While we can chant minimal impact practises all we want, at the end of the day, the extent of our damage to the jungle has a lot to do with our level of comfort zone as well. Anyway, this is a long debate and topic which I think will see no end.

Venturing into the jungle, practising survival skills and honing your camp-craft skills are vital if you are ever to enjoy camping in the jungle. It is also a great way to know your limits and work towards pushing your own boundaries. But as far as shelter is of concerned, I am all for hammock for jungle camping.

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