Nature trips near KL with Eddie Yap

Nature trips near KL
Our licensed nature guide Eddie Yap guiding us into Chilling Waterfall in KKB

I was searching on the internet for nature trips near KL when my friend referred me to Eddie Yap.  Eddie is a registered licensed nature guide and he agreed to lead us to the popular Chilling waterfall in Kuala Kubu Baru. We thought a nature walk to a waterfall would be ideal, since we had a guest from NZ visiting us in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) is great for nature trips near to Kuala Lumpur and it is popular among KLites who wanna get away and do a bit of adventure. The town itself is small and it reminds me of other ‘peaceful’ towns like Taiping. There’s just this sense of calmness in the atmosphere that makes you feel really relaxed. Everyone seems to chill better here. KKB has a lot to offer. Besides the waterfalls, it also boast Selangor dam, white water rafting, jungle treks, camping sites and good relatively cheap local food!

Chilling waterfall main entrance in KKB
Main entrance at the side of the road. All vehicles parked outside. The main trail is well used and marked.

Chilling Waterfalls is a popular nature attraction in KKB. So popular that it has even earned itself a mention on Lonely Planet.  Today, it is one of the more better established and maintained park (by Malaysian standard that is) I have been to.

According to Eddie Yap, the park is open only on certain days of the week. This regulation was set in place after the Department of Fisheries took over the management of the park and released endangered species of fishes into the river as both an attraction and a rehabilitation program. All visitors are required to pay a minimal fee of RM1/person and register at the visitor center.

Chilling waterfall visitor registration
A compulsory registration (in and out) of visitors at the visitor center

The great thing about having Eddie Yap as guide is because he is local and he knows the place like the back of his hands. Not only does he greet the visitor center by name but more importantly, he adds value to our experience during the walk. He is able to share the brief history of the waterfall, many plants that we encounter along the way, the name of the fishes in the river (one being Tengas and Kelah) as well as what dangers to look out for.

Eddie Yap nature guide interpretative talk
Eddie Yap sharing some interesting facts on native rattan. I will never forget the thorns on the rattan vines. They are scary!

What makes Chilling waterfall a great addition to nature trips near KL is the fact that it is amazingly beautiful and clean! In my quest to find clean campsites in Malaysia, I would definitely include this place as one in the top spots. However, thankfully no camping is allowed at beyond the visitor center. This is a real blessing as I see it as the only way the place can be kept it its best considering the number of people that visits the places.

fishes in Chilling waterfall
All the fishes would be gone if people are allowed to camp along the river. Knowing Malaysians, none will be spared.


Chilling waterfall at KKB
Beautiful Chilling waterfall at Kuala Kubu Baru

It is difficult to remember to take more pictures when you are enjoying yourself in the river. Despite it being rather crowded (Eddie Yap says there’s usually more people), we totally enjoyed ourselves.  The fishes nibbling on our bodies was an amazing experience!

If you are looking for nature trips near KL, I would highly recommend that you contact Eddie Yap (Facebook) or send him a message on his mobile 012-2132678. He has many ‘well kept’ secrets around KL that he regularly brings his clients to and next month, I am joining on one which he promises will be amazing!