One Planet backpack from Australia

one planet daypack
Some letters fadded…this is the discontinued One Planet Little Ripper 45 daypack

This is the Little Ripper 45, a One Planet backpack from Australia I scored from New Zealand recently. A relatively unknown brand to many, One Planet is known to make robust, bullet proof packs for the hard and harsh environment of Australia. Having heard many good things about the brand and the products, I jumped on the opportunity to own one, even though it is an old and discontinued model.

I first heard of One Planet during the days working in the outdoor education industry with Australian colleagues. Back then, a few of them were carrying Aiking brand, packs that were huge, heavy and made of canvas. Later the brand Aiking was no more and changed to be known as One Planet.

As I understand it, backpacks from Australia and New Zealand was never about bells and whistles. The OZs and Kiwis prefer their equipment to be super simple but tough. Their idea seems to stem from the belief that, the lesser things to fail, the better.

One Planet backpack
One Planet was previously known as Aiking in Australia

My first impression of this One Planet backpack from Australia is that it is rather small to be a 45 liters pack.  I somehow would estimate it at 35 liters of capacity. The fabric is canvas and probably not as hi-tech as the current Waterloc fabric One Planet uses now.  Brands like Macpac (New Zealand) and Mountain Designs (Australia) too does use this canvas material a lot on their packs in the olden days. While they seem durable, they do weigh much more.

Things I love about the Little Ripper…to start with are the generous side pockets. I really appreciate side pockets for keeping water bottles. I am never a big fan of hydration bladders (though this pack has a sleeve and a outlet for it). The side pocket swallowed my Klean Kanteen bottle whole!

backpack side pocket
Generous side pockets. They make it practical and hassle free

There is a generous opening top pocket on the lid as well. Inside there is a key holder. Many packs have this feature but this particular pack uses a small carabiner. It is not one of those small black plastic clips that is ridiculously hard to operate with fat fingers (or for someone wearing gloves). I can probably hook on more than just keys to this carabiner.

The key holder insider the top lid


backpack top lid key holder
Excellent key holder. Easy to operate and visible too


The Little Ripper 45 has a single aluminium stay with adjustable shoulder harness system built in. The two straps of the shoulder harness and joint together and they run along the aluminium stay. The adjustment comes in the form of a velcro strap that the user can adjust accordingly. I am not too fond of the velcro as I somehow do not think they are as reliable. The shape and design of the shoulder strap reminds me of the ‘saddle’ like design of the Hills People Gear shoulder harness which many people seems to like very much.

Velcro used to adjust the length of the shoulder harness. Note the channeled aluminium stay used.


The shoulder harness design reminds me of the Hills People Gear’s shoulder harness


I am rather tall (big). I did extend the harness to its maximum but the waist belt still rides a bit high on the hips. The only way to get it lower is to extend the length of the shoulder straps . Which is rather unfitting I reckon. This pack was one of One Planet’s day pack series back then hence I guess that sort of fitting is not really pertinent to its intended usage. The shoulder harness however, feels good and comfy.

The tag inside the pack. One Planet still makes packs in Melbourne, Australia.


Read the history of One Planet backpack from Australia here.  I consider myself fortunate to be able to score this well used but not abused pack. Next thing for me to do is to put it into use and get a feel of it out in the jungles of Malaysia.

If you have suggestions or comments on One Planets’ Little Ripper 45, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or write to me via the Get Me page.