Simple backpack mod

mountainsmith wolrd cup flap
The velcro on the flaps no longer work. It keeps opening up. I gotta do something about it

I decided to do a simple backpack mod on the Mountainsmith World Cup backpack over the weekend. I been taking this pack on daily basis recently and realized the velcro flap at the front doesn’t seem to stick anymore. The flap keeps opening up whenever I stuff the front pocket with stuff. Something easy to fix…now that I have a sewing machine at home.

I was worried that the sewing machine wasn’t strong enough for this simple backpack mod. Though the machine performed really well in my last sewing project,┬áthe front pocket of the pack is padded with foam and this was a cause of concern for me. I rummaged thru some bins for some parts. Was hoping for black color webbing and buckle but can’t find any. Well, coyote and FG will have to do I guess.

simple backpack mod
Had to make do with odd colored buckle and webbing. As long as it serves the purpose!


ITW repair buckles
ITW US Army 1 inch repair buckle awesomeness! Makes backpack mods like this easy to do.

I decided to allow for extra length of webbing on the male side of the buckle. This would allow the buckle and webbing additional space to extend in case I ever need to stuff something oversize in it (I believe the pocket was meant for cycling helmet).

long webbing backpack mod
Extra length on the male webbing to allow more expansion if necessary.

The colors are definitely off on this simple backpack mod of mine but I don’t care. As long as it serves the purpose and saves me some cash (from having to buy a new pack or sending it to a shop to have it done). The backpack mod means I got a more secure front pocket flap that will help keep things in more securely. The investment on the sewing machine is beginning to pay off nicely.