Home sewing project; a satchel

This heavy duty cotton canvas was taken from my folding campbed. Served me well for many years but I guess its no match to the extra pounds I put on over the years

I have decided to start a home sewing project in my store room.  Rather than having the sewing machine sit in the corner and do nothing, it will be put to good use making some small projects I have been thinking for a while. This is my first attempt. A satchel for work.

home sewing project
A simple home sewing project with scrap fabric

I have been carrying thin fabric shopping bags to carry the bunch of keys and tools necessary for daily work. I go through about 1 shopping bag every week. I needed a satchel that is made of a tougher fabric with a zippered section to hold me phones. A quick stop at the local craft store for some nylon thread, size 5 YKK zippers and a roll of black ribbon is all I needed to complete this simple home sewing project.

YKK size 5 coil zippers
YKK size 5 coil zippers would suffice for this daily use home sewn satchel


I think I did quite well on my first home sewing project. I can’t say that the final product is aesthetically pleasing but the idea of having made something that I will put to good use really does satisfy the soul.

home sewn satchel
The final product- home sewn satchel for daily work use. Gotta give credit to myself I must say


Frankly, this home sewn satchel isn’t all that difficult to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the hours seems to zoom by really fast. I may up the ante and see what else I can make in this new section of ‘home sewing project’. Perhaps some simple home sewn day pack that I have been thinking of getting custom made. Stoked!