Best Malaysia knife sharpening service

Malaysia knife sharpening service
Probably the top Malaysia knife sharpening service now. Mr Loh owns and operates The Polished Edge

This guy is probably Malaysia knife sharpening service top guy. A knife enthusiast himself, Mr Loh starting providing the service after much practice on knives he owns himself. I was at OGM recently and manage to see Mr Loh’s hand at work touching up the edges on a really fine knife. Looking at the knife he is sharpening is enough a testament of confidence the knife owner has on Loh.

Many Malaysia knife sharpening service providers do not have the right tools and knowledge for the job. I remember my first encounter with one at Lorong Haji Taib in Kuala Lumpur some time back. An old chap, supposedly well known for servicing and sharpening knives. I went looking for him. Found him but decided to leave my knife in the bag when I saw him using an angle grinder on knives. Albeit he does the final touches on a stone, no way I am letting him have a go at my knife.

Knife sharpener in Malaysia
Loh goes through a few routines on the blade before commencing work. The tape works as a guide as well as a protective cover


Loh doing what he does best. He still chats with me while doing this but his eyes fixed on the knife’s edge


Loh uses a combination of methods to sharpen and re-profile knives. The Edge Pro sharpening system seems to be his favorite, with almost all sharpening jobs done with it. I remember trying out a fake Edge Pro but I failed miserably. A guided sharpening system like this requires a lot of practice and attention to detail. Once you have mastered it, the result is nothing short of amazing. Possibly better than the factory’s ‘out of the box’ edge!

Proper knife sharpening in Malaysia by Mr Loh
Loh relies on a variety of good quality stones and tried tested methods to achieve the results his customers want to see


Obviously, this Malaysian knife sharpening service is not for your average al-cheapo kitchen knives. If all you have are cheap knives, you should just throw them away and get new ones! But if you have invested in some good knives and appreciate the value of a proper edge, then I highly recommend Loh for some blade edge TLC. Loh has sharpened and profiled enough professional kitchen knives and high end blades to have a good number of returning customers.

free hand stropping Malaysia
Loh adding the finer touches to a knife


A sharp knife is always a safer knife to use and keeping it sharp requires a lot of practice and patience to master. Many have invested in fancy sharpening tools and systems (like myself) but still fail to do a good job.

The Polished Edge…possibly the best knife sharpening service provider there is in Malaysia


Thankfully, now in Malaysia we have capable people like Loh to provide knife sharpening and care services. For more information on Loh’s services, feel free to contact him directly at 016-8011621 or Like his Facebook page at The Polished Edge.


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  1. Undoubtedly he is among the best with the best equipment. I have got some of my sharpest knives (so I thought) made even sharper by this maestro

    1. Yup I agree. I had the same experience myself. I tot I was doing well sharpening my blades. Loh just made it tougher for me to catch up!

  2. hey man, this might be an non-conventional way to contact you – but what the heck.
    I make knives/sheaths and such and saw something you reviewed which I’d like to buy/trade – could you drop me a message?
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