Mora knife distributor in Malaysia

Mora knife distributor in Malaysia
Mora knife distributor named on Morakniv official website

Some months back, I heard there will be a new Mora knife distributor in Malaysia. I had mixed feelings about it. Distribution of any sort of outdoor adventure gear in Malaysia has never been in favor of end user because of the multi-tiered profiteering by the distributor and re-sellers. And now  it looks like Mora knives in Malaysia will suffer the same fate.

The new Mora knife distributor in Malaysia is Explorer Outfitters. The company has been around for a few years and they carry lots of outdoor adventure gear, many of which consists of their own brand (Explorer). They claim to be the distributor of several brands, including Cold Steel knives and Mora.

Having a local distributor in Malaysia usually means better product after sales service. Especially in terms of warranty claims etc. So, the consumers are definitely looking forward to that. Only time would tell.

As far as I am concerned, Mora makes basic, practical and very affordable knives. They are popular among bushcraft enthusiast world over and many would agree that it is probably the one and only knife that you will ever need. In the hands of an experienced user, the knife can do anything from building shelter to skinning an entire animal. I own several Moras and I believe they are the best value knife that money can buy… ever.

But the prices of Mora knives on Malaysia’s Mora distributor is anything but affordable. Well, not to me at least. I have been eyeing the Garberg ever since I met up with the Mora rep but I have discovered that they are selling it at RM649 for the multi mount model. This is about USD160 (USD1=RM4 at the moment). A check on Amazon shows the same model listed for USD83. That’s almost double the price!

The list price of a Garberg multi mount model, a print screen on 16th July 2017


Its only around USD83 on Amazon…huh?


Somehow I suspect the pricing has to do with the Malaysian government taxes and duties. Sellers have no choice but to pass it on to the customers. Looking at this, I guess I will just stick to my usual local Malaysian sellers who does the ‘parallel import’ or ‘grey import’ business who usually are able to offer a better price.

Take the Mora Eldris as an example. A quick search on Mudah shows sellers selling them around RM150. Explorer on the other hand has the ‘complete’ Mora Eldris (comes with the snap retainer and a ferocirium rod) for RM325 (around USD81). Amazon has it listed at around USD40! I have tried the Eldris and thankfully I don’t fancy it at all.

Boy are they expensive!


The price of the same Eldris on Amazon


The price of the basic Eldris, without the retainer and the ferro rod on Mudah


Explorer Outfitter may be the Mora knife distributor in Malaysia but they certainly need to have another look at their prices. I appreciate the possibility of a better, efficient after sales service & support through a local distributor but it really takes an established idiot to break a Mora. Moras are almost indestructible! In the meantime, I will go buy my Garberg elsewhere.