Jungle use of Mora Eldris

Mora Eldris Malaysia
A short jungle test of the Mora Eldris

So, I was given the Mora Eldris by the Mora representative when I last met him.  Despite the usual work and travel, I still manage to squeeze in an overnight jungle trip to test out the knife (and other bits of gear too!).  I am never a big fan of small (2″ cutting edge or less) or folding knives but am always open to give it a go. So, here is my take on the Mora Eldris.

The Mora Eldris in comparison to the Esee Izula 1. Izula is great but being 1095 steel, it is a rust magnet!

First thing first. I have owned small necker type of knives before. The Esee Izula II is one of them. No matter how many neck knives I have tried and owned, I still go back to my typical 3 or 3.5 inch fixed blades. In terms of use, I personally feel there is no real need to carry a neck knife that has such a short cutting edge when I can carry (still a neck knife) but has a longer cutting edge.

I prefer a full sized Mora any day. Why do I want to carry less of cutting edge?

I reckon the Mora Eldris would be a great knife if you are into carving and intricate work. It probably gives you better control and ‘access’ into more difficult areas to cut. I had a friend who tried out the Eldris doing some simple notches and he reckons it is great.

The Mora Eldris would make a good carving knife

My friend’s only comment is that the spine of the blade is a bit too sharp to use with his other thumb (as in picture). He finds this ‘sharp edged spine’ rather odd compared to other Mora knives he has. Well, I had to break it to him that it seems that Mora is adopting this ’90 degrees’ spine on all its current knives… supposedly make it easier for users to strike a ferro rod with.

The sharp spine of the Mora Eldris makes striking a ferro rod a breeze

As with all Mora knives I have used in the past, the handle of the Mora Eldris has good ergonomics. It really is comfy in the hand and its ‘ovalish’ shape allows for different grips for different cuts. Good, simple design with great ergonomics and sheaths that are practical…one could ask for nothing more in knives.

Off with you leech!

As with all knives and just about any outdoor piece of gear, it really does boils down to only two things…personal preference and hype.  Yup… whatever tingles your fancy and how much hype there has been on a particular product. There is certainly no shortage of hype with the Mora Eldris. I have seen people carrying it as part of their EDC, as a survival knife and some even claim its a great knife for batoning!

You can buy your very own Mora Eldris in Malaysia from several shops. But so far, I have been going to OGM for all my cutlery knives.