Water filter for outdoor activities & camping in Malaysia

Plenty of water in the jungle but no way to be 100% sure if they are safe for consumption

A friend invited me to a jungle camping trip and hence I needed to buy a water filter for outdoor activities. I decided to visit OGM and see what they have that I can use. Turns out they have some really cool filters that I can use for both my camping trip and possible for my preppers kit as well.

We usually camp near a river or a stream but there is no way to be 100% sure that the water is safe for consumption. The number of cases of people affected by waterborne diseases in Malaysia has been rising (well, the number of news reports seems to be on the rise), so it makes a lot of sense to find a water filter or some way to treat water for consumption.

More and more of such news reports in recent years. This is from The Star

There are two types of water treatments available at OGM. One is the chemical treatment and the other is filtration.  I was told that OGM used to carry the Aquamira drops but during my visit I only find the Aquatabs. Aquatabs is manufactured in Ireland (that’s certainly a boost in confidence) but they are surprisingly quite cheap (RM33 for a box of 50 tablets). 1 tablet treats 1 litre of water, so it is still a good deal I reckon.

water filter Malaysia
Plenty of Aquatabs tablets for sale at OGM (Shah Alam)


Possibly the best and easiest water treatment option for camping in the jungle. A must for survival kits


OGM also offers mini water filters by Sawyer (American brand) at their store. Funny thing is that after seeing these sold at OGM, I then remember that I may already have one…somewhere… somewhere in my store. Oh well, with the new variety of colors available, it won’t hurt to add a pink one into the line up.

sawyer water filter Malaysia
Colorful Sawyer water filters siold at OGM. Different colors gives a bit of character to your kit I suppose


Be it the aquatabs or the Saywer mini water filters, they are a must have for my jungle camping trip. I grabbed a few boxes of the aquatabs just in case and also to add into my urban survival kit. Aquatabs is basiclly a chemical based water treatment, hence is less work with little to fail.