Best sportswear store in Klang Valley

Sportswear store in Klang Valley
Decathlon is the biggest sportswear store in Klang Valley (and maybe Malaysia)

Decathlon at Bandar Sri Damansara is probably the best sportswear store in Klang Valley to date. I visited them recently and found them to be right on the mark for their reputation. Decathlon offers a good range of products for almost all kinds of sports imaginable (that includes diving, horse riding, hunting & some golf). Best part of all, there are heaps of stuff (cheap too) that would be great for preppers in Malaysia.

Sportswear and outdoor gear stores are great places to shop for things that can be added into my store room. Items like torches and clothing are daily essentials and they can be found in abundance here. Decathlon is a combination of both worlds and makes it haven as a one stop center for all your sporting needs.

small hand winding torch
Small hand winding torch. At RM15/unit…what a bargain!

The Decathlon store in Bandar Sri Damansara is HUGE. The store is well lit, air conditioned, spaciously organised with ample staff on standby to assist. There is a paid underground parking bay which seems ample. It has that family friendly atmosphere, kind of reminds me of Ikea.

bicycle store in Klang Valley
The bicycle section offers all imaginable two wheeled cycles for all ages

Price factor is a big attraction for many to Decathlon. After 10 minutes of walking around, looking at things I am familiar with, I would have to concur. On top of that, the variety of goods is staggering! I wanted to buy some socks and was rather blown away with the price and the choices available.

Putting aside the ‘what you pay is what you get argument‘, several sections caught my attention. The first is the outdoor lighting section. They have a variety of headlamp, hand winding torches and just your normal torches priced so cheap you’d want to buy them just to throw them around for convenience sake!

cheap headlamp Malaysia
Cheap headlamps at Decathlon. Note of caution: if you ever going to get a torch for everyday carry or prepping, I would suggest look elsewhere.

Up next is the water based activity section. They have beach, diving, paddling and scuba diving gear here. If you are into water activities…this is the place you have to visit. They have such a big selection on water shoes, dry bags and the list goes on. You will not believe their prices on booties!

Probably about 15 liters, this water spray resistant container is great for paddlers. It is rigid, durable and a good size from the usual (huge) blue drums more commonly found in Malaysia

Decathlon Malaysia has a section which seems to be dedicated to either hunting or animal stalking (bird watching). Whatever your interest may be, you’d be glad to know they have a camouflage clothing, binoculars, walking boots, chairs etc. I appreciate that their camouflage isn’t a ‘military’ pattern. Its more ‘civilian’ friendly this way.

hunting clothing Malaysia
Clothing and equipment range for those into stalking animals (birding, hunting?)


The Decathlon sportswear store in Klang Valley is a game changer. With their range of products and prices, it is going to impact the market tremendously. Overnight, consumers now have a one stop store that offers a wide range of products for almost all imaginable sports (did I mention archery too?) at unbelievable prices! On top of that, rumors have it that their return policy is fantastic. All these is great for the consumer but certainly bad news for other industry players.

Click to visit their Malaysian website.