A compact voltmeter for car

A car cigarette lighter USB charger that comes equipped with a voltmeter

I wanted a voltmeter for car after hearing of my friend’s stressful episode of having his car battery fail on him. Voltmeter tells you the voltage of your car battery (before, during and after the engine runs). A mechanic told me he can get a dedicated voltmeter fixed on my dash for about RM150. Seriously?

Small and compact cigarette lighter voltmeter with USB charging ports

I did a bit of research and found this little beauty…cheap as chips. I got this off a seller on Lelong.com.my. Got sent to me super fast and even came with a free gift! This is probably one of the small gadgets that have been made with some value added thought put in.

Why a voltmeter for car? I think its the best way to keep an eye on the car battery. We all know what happens when the car battery goes flat. A voltmeter will tell you what the car’s voltage is once you turn on the ignition. This number will reduce significantly when you start the engine. Once the engine is going, the number will increase again .  As you drive, the number is suppose to rise again to show that your alternator is working and is charging the battery.

volt meter for car
The back of the box tells you what sort of reading to expect on a healthy battery (or not)
Voltmeter for car Malaysia
One of the readings I got from my car on the device


It says on the box an audible warning will occur when the battery reading is too low. This happened when I started my car’s engine. A red light appeared followed by a beep sound. This will definitely help I reckon. Rather than find the car battery dead one morning, hopefully this voltmeter for car will give that red warning light (accompanied with annoying beep sound) the day before. Any warning is better than none.

Voltmeter sold in Malaysia for cars
Fine prints on the underside of the device


My friend did suggest buying a car battery charger. Surely that would be a useful thing to have but at the moment, I am more interested in early detection of the problem and doing something about it before its too late.

My conclusion, this is a voltmeter for car that is cheap, compact and offers the low battery warning which I consider as really good ‘value add’. More bang for the buck!