Meeting Mora knives in Malaysia

nora knife in Malaysia
Mora has a new guy in town and he reports directly to Sweden. Whats in the pipeline?

I got an email invitation to meet the official representative of Mora knives in Malaysia recently. Thinking it was a prank email, I had to double read the email address of the sender. It actually had a ‘’ extension. That intrigue me a lot. So, a few weeks later, we met up over a cup of coffee.

First things first. Mr S  (I am not to disclose his identity for now) reports directly to Mora of Sweden. His role is more of a regional capacity rather than just taking care of Malaysia. He wanted to meet to get my input on some of Mora’s new knife. I was humbled!

What is obvious is that Mora is dead serious about making a firm presence here in Asia. Mr S was sharing about Mora’s technology, corporate & work culture and even that ‘family’ feeling at Mora’s headquarters in Sweden. As part of his work introduction, he had to spend some time there to understand the company’s philisopy, operations and culture. What lucky bugger!

Mora knives have been in Malaysia for many years. I remember in my teens seeing the knives in some shelves at The Store supermarket. Back then, the likes of Buck, Aitor and even the Swiss Wenger would decorate a small section of the ‘sport’ section of this supermarket chain. Mora is definitelly not a new brand in Malaysia.

Fast forward today, the popularity of Mora knives in Malaysia has grown leapfolds. Partly I would say due to the boom in survival reality and bushcraft TV shows. Bushcraft and Mora are like two inseperable twins. One can’t speak of one without mentioning the other. They go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. Siamese twins if you like. Things about them like cheap, good quality, reliable, no fuss and freakin sharp out of the box makes them the ideal knife for any outdoorsman, survivalist or bushcraft enthusiasts.

pisau Mora di Malaysia
Some of the Mora blades I have in my store room but not all of it though…hahahaha

Meeting up with Mr S gave me a good insight on what Mora of Sweden is trying to do in Malaysia and the region. Suffice to say they want to grow the market here. Mr S also brought along the Mora ‘goodie bag’. I have to say I dig some of their new models. The Garberg which feature a full tang fixed blade construction is probably Mora’s latest bet in the market. It certainly is a push away from the traditional partial or rat tail Moras. Something that is definitelly not the typical Mora you know.

Mora knives in Malaysia
The Garberg’s multi mount system is really well thought of. Kudos


Pisau Mora Garberg Malaysia
Digging the multi mount for the Garberg

PIC: Garberg multi mount system
Digging the multi mount for the Garberg

At the end of the meetup with Mr S, I was offered a Mora Eldris to try out. Well….okay. Not a big fan of neck knives, but why not. With a Mora knife, you can’t wrong can you?