Prepping Malaysia- storing water in Klang Valley

prepper storage water Malaysia
Water is essential in any survival situation…here are some of the ways my prepping friends are storing their stash of water in Malaysia

If you are prepping in Malaysia, you need to know ways of storing water.  Those who work and live in Klang Valley especially knows water disruptions and rationing all too well. The weather, particularly the rain cycle is somewhat all messed up. On top of that, we are still cutting down trees and turning important water catchment areas into development projects. The population keeps increasing, hence the demand for clean water too. So…how do you store water as a prepper?

Storing water in Klang Valley as a prepper  can be a challenge. Most of us live in high rise, some on landed property with very little land space around. Folks in high rise like condo and flats may have a better chance of a ‘longer’ supply of water because these sort of building usually has some really huge tanks as back ups. Nevertheless, one cannot be too complacent. Some people still need to take that 30 minutes bath even when the taps have run dry. So, as a prepper, you are better off taking things into your own hands.

storing water in KL for emergency
Here is a good system by one prepper friend I know. A good idea for those living in high rise. Note the hose and attachment on the upper rack used for filling the red buckets

My prepper friend actually made up the entire setup (picture above) himself. He lives on a landed property but I think this brilliant idea is great for those living in apartment/ condos as well. The parts are all readily available. The only thing you need to do it drill some holes, fit the faucets in and seal them up. Two things to remember though. One…make sure the shelves are rated to withstand the weight of the buckets when filled with water. It is also a good idea to bolt the entire shelf to the wall to make sure then don’t fall forward. Second…you gotta try it out! Fill it with water to the brim and make sure there are no leaks. A leaking water storing container is of very little use when you actually need to use them.

What other options does one living in a high rise have? Not much really. The old school way would be drinking water bottles. You can get boxes of 1.5 liter up to 5 liters drinking bottles and stash them in the room.

Its the guys staying on landed property that probably has the best advantage when it comes to storing water for times in need. In fact, one does not even have to be a prepper to realize that by increasing the capacity of their water tanks, they can be assured of a longer uninterrupted supply of this juice of life.

add water tanks on roof top Malaysia
Probably the most reliable way to store water is to increase your tank’s capacity on the roof top!


The above was a project on the roof top of another friend of mine. This is probably the best and surest way of making sure you have additional water supply to last you through periods where there are water disruptions. The tanks are not cheap but they hold lots of liters and will probably set you worry free for many years to come. Definitely worth the investment I reckon.

Storing water in your own home used to be a thing considered by others as ‘paranoid’. With the number of water disruptions Klang Valley has been facing, I think this ‘paranoia’ is beginning to  be a norm. In fact, efforts to store water at homes should be done by every household in Malaysia. Floods for example takes out water supply and contaminates whatever abundance of water around us. In such situations, whatever water supply you have kept at home is a life saver.

The above are just two (or three if you count the mineral water bottles) for storing water. You can improvise and come up with other means to do it as well. Most importantly, the method is safe, reliable and efficient.