The North Face Escape & Evade pack?

The North Face classic pack
This is an old… perhaps classic even. I would call this The North Face Escape & Evade

Check out this The North Face Escape & Evade pack (that’s what I call it anyway). I pulled this pack out after having a chat with the folks at Malaysian custom pack maker Garrison Packs. We we talking about pack designs, copies and pack concepts. I am not for 1 to 1 copy but adopting concepts I am fine with. Here is an example of what I think would be a shared concept.

classic TNF daypack
A TNF classic pack. I scored this while travelling through Australia

Pack enthusiasts (like myself) have been rummaging thru this’ bag of dirty laundry’ all along. Just because some packs looks similar to my ‘holy grail’ nylons… I won’t hesitate to scream plagiarism and copycats.  But over the years, the hours of scrolling through the pages of Evil bay has taught me to rethink my stand on this matter.

I was travelling through Australia some months back and made a quick stop at a Op Shop (used stuff) and scored this little pack. It measures 16X10X4 inches, very close to Kifaru’s E&E pack. Not convinced? Check out also the harness system of the TNF pack.

TNF classic daypack straps
The hide away straps of the classic TNF pack


TNF pack tuck away straps
A think foam helps keep the TNF pack in shape


TNF snap buttons
I just love the TNF embossed snap buttons. This is how the shoulder strap attaches to the bottom of the pack. Not exactly molle but close enough

Obviously this is not a 1 to 1 copy. But the concept of the pack is really similar. Its a small pack with hide away straps. The clam shell opening probably makes the pack most ‘usable’. Easy access to contents. Like the Kifaru E&E, this pack boasts simplicity and back to basics all around.

The clam shell design makes the compact day pack practical for us IMHO

My first reaction to this bag was… “Is this the real thing”. Well, with all honesty, I can’t say for sure but this could be a really old TNF daypack. Below are pics of the labels inside the pack. The fabric feels more like pack cloth, definitely not cordura here.

TNF day pack label inside
The label seems legit


Don’t get to see this type of label often. No…I did not doodle the ‘O’


What do I think of this The North Face ‘Escape & Evade’ pack? I think it is a really simple yet usable pack. Will I buy a pack like this in 1000D with molle capability and milspec webbing and components for over USD100? Hell no. Its too simple to cost that much. Similarly, to say either one of this brand copied from the other is rather short sighted. I doubt if this ‘simple’ design took either brands years to develop it. Its just too simple of a pack.