New knife pouch for a classic knife


Solingen Germany knife
An old classic Carl Schlieper folder with wooden scales

I finally received the custom made knife pouch from Garrison Packs for my old Carl Schleiper knife. Together with this knife, I would usually carry a Fallkniven DC4 sharpener. Knife was given to me some time back while the DC4 I purchased from OGM.  This combination isn’t really my EDC but they have been my constant travelling companion, especially to places that would not welcome the Benchmade Triage.

I was visiting Ben at his new workshop at Ara Damansara. Wanting to catch up on his new ‘secondary’ workshop (details of Garrison Pack’s new workshop here).  I casually showed him the knife and sharpener. Les than an hour later, my knife pouch is ready.

A simple functional knife and sharpener pouch by Garrison Pack


Its a simple knife pouch really. Made of 1000D cordura fabric with a hint of orange fabric inside for color. I was amazed how Ben puts the pieces of fabric together. He probably could have done it with his eyes closed.

Knife pouch fits folding knife and sharpener nicely
My new knife pouch fits the knife and sharpener nicely


I wanted the pouch to have a belt loop at the back with a dangler that will fit a carabiner or a ITW Tac Link. Easy job for Ben. The dangler is an important feature for me. Somehow I prefer to have a Tac Link on it and hook the knife pouch inside the pack. It can also be easily hooked to a belt loop rather than having to thread it through the entire belt.

Belt loop and dangler on the back of knife pouch
The belt loop and dangler on the back of the knife pouch


Ben uses only the good stuff for his gear


The knife pouch now packs my Carl Schlieper and Fallkniven DC4 sharpener together. My favorite classic knife carry that will outlast any other knife I have. A perfect combination for a more classic look.