My new EDC kydex wallet by 362 Custom Kydex

EDC kydex wallet
Finally I got my very own EDC kydex card wallet by 362 Custom Kydex


I was really intrigued with the EDC kydex wallet by 362 Custom Kydex after seeing pictures as posted by Wak.  I placed an order for a unit a few weeks ago when I was overseas. Upon my return, a Poslaju package was already waiting on my desk. Here are some pictures of my new EDC wallet in kydex made by 362 Custom Kydex.

Thumbs up for some seriously good packaging!


This kydex wallet is amazing! Peter of 362 Custom Kydex never lets me down.  Everytime I have a custom kydex order molded by him, me makes sure the item is made well and delivered in class. My kydex wallet was wrapped in layers of bubble wraps, strapped and packed neatly in a zip lock bag. Everything from his packaging to his products speaks of a person with an eye on details.

kydex wallet made in Malaysia
The wallet is much smaller than I expected. Very cool indeed


The finishing on the kydex wallet is typical ‘Peter’. The sides are polished. Not burr found anyway. I love how the belt clip is secured to the back. It is extremely sturdy. Way better than expected. It rides well with my belt. It secures firmly.

Good finish all around. Polished edges and quality belt clip


I am very happy with the aesthetic of the kydex wallet. My only concern was if the opening to insert/ remove card was a wee bit too big. It wont be much of a wallet if the cards falls out easily. So, I decided to put it to the test. Emptied out my wallet, placed all the cards into it and gave it a strong shake to try to throw the cards out.

Cards inside kydex edc wallet
All cards inside the new kydex wallet


See if cards fall out of kydex wallet
Giving it a good shake to see if the cards will fly out


I am happy to report that none of the cards flew out during that ‘experiment’. The kydex wallet held all the cards in securely. So…my one worry on this wallet is now no more.


Kydex wallet clipped on belt
My new EDC kydex wallet sits nicely and firmly on my belt


Whether it is a gun holster, kydex sheath for knife, key fobs & holders or kydex wallets,  362 Custom Kydex is my go to guy for all kydex works.  His products, workmanship and attention to detail is second to none I have seen so far in Malaysia. I am proud to be carrying several of his items and none have failed me so far. All I can say is…I want more!