Knife and titanium anodizing services by Fadzrill Omar

Fadzrill Omar of District U5 EDC Gear putting on details on a knife he was working on

Fadzrill Omar’s District U5 EDC Gear offering  of knife and titanium anodizing services has certainly stepped up the ante in the Malaysian knife and EDC gear gadget scene. Fadz’s workshop is located in Shah Alam, Selangor and shares the same roof with knife maker Fursan Blades. I recently visited their bungalow workshop for a quick tour.

Its official! We now have our very own Malaysian knife and titanium anodizing service provider!

My first question to Fadzrill was…why knife and titanium anodizing/ pimpings? “No one else here in Malaysia seems to be able to do it right” was his reply. Rightly so. There are a few hobbyist but none has really put together a dedicated service such as Fadz’s. Truth be told I think its more a matter of no one has the balls to strip apart knives like Hinderers, ZTs and Reates (some customs even) and have them anodized. Thankfully we now have Fadz to do it!

Some work in progress titanium scales at Fadz’s workshop


Knife and titanium anodizing is perhaps an art more than anything else. Fadz admits that he has lots to learn and during the initial start, he struggled to obtain the knowledge and information he needed, He later contacted a well known knife pimper in the USA who was generous enough to provide all the information necessary to help him progress steadily. With this information, Fadz started building (some serious DIY in some aspects) his workshop.

Part of his workshop in the works. Getting the guidance and equipment setup was slow but Fadz’s persistence paid off, 


Now that the knife and titanium anodizing/ pimping workshop is ready, Fadz’s next challenge was to convince potential customers to part with their toys (though temporary). Some of these ‘toys’ are worth hundreds and some thousands of ringgit and to have a stranger strip them down to bath them in chemicals does take some strong sales pitch.

A Hinderer and a Leatherman anodized by Fadzrill. A testament of trust by his customers. Pictures from District U5 EDC Gear Facebook page


Lucky for Fadz, his close circle of enthusiastic knife and EDC gear users was there to support him. Malaysian knife specialist store OGM has been referring their customers to Fadz for anodizing works.  Slowly,  customers started to bring more of their knives,  multi-tools and even LED torch lights with titanium body to Fadz to anodize.

Asked about his future plans for District U5 EDC Gear, Fadz grinned with a big smile. He shared a few plans he has with me,  all of which I think will really make an impact on the local Malaysian knife enthusiasts scene. I agreed to keep his plans a secret but perhaps the pictures below will give you some hints.


A collaboration project with Fursan Blades



If you are looking for a knife and titanium anodizing specialist in Malaysia, I reckon you should give Fadz of District U5 EDC Gear a call (his contact number as above). Alternatively, you can sent him a message on his Facebook Page.


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