Custom kydex sheaths for knives by 362 Custom Kydex

Beautiful leather textured kydex sheaths custom made by 362 Custom Kydex

Making kydex sheaths for knives is really an art on its own. A well made kydex sheath keeps the blade safe for use and is almost maintenance free (as oppose to leather or wood sheaths). I have personally tried to make kydex sheaths for my own knives and Malaysian made parangs but soon to realize some things are best left to the experts. Peter of 362 Custom Kydex is one of the very few people I know in Malaysia that actually makes excellent kydex molded products. Here are some pictures I took of his latest custom made kydex sheaths.

A layer of protection over the blade to avoid scratches and also to add space between the blade surface and kydex


According to Peter, the three knives were made by Malaysian knife maker GrindLab. This is the first time I have heard of the knife maker and I have to say that the finishing and quality of the knives are quite impressive. It really does look like more and more knife-makers are emerging in Malaysia.

After the first measurement, take another. If in doubt…do it again!


Peter is meticulous when it comes to working with kydex. I guess this is only natural considering he is the best Malaysian kydex gun holster around. He takes the time to study the knife geometry and then plans how to best incorporate the customer’s requirements with to the sheath. In this particular job, Peter is working with a  leather textured kydex called Raptor Black. It has this leather looking surface with all the goodness of kydex. It is rot resistant, flexible yet rigid enough to provide that rattle free, tight & positive click/ snap when sheathing the knife.

Drilling the pilot holes for the eyelets


A few things that I normally look for in terms of well made kydex sheath for knives. Firstly is the fit and functionality. The locking of the blade in the sheath with that ‘click/snap’ sound is important. In fact, that is the beauty of using kydex material! A good ‘locking’ sheath means you can carry your knife in a variety of ways without worrying that it will drop out of the sheath. The sheath should be made to allow for ease of the sheathing/ unsheathing of the blade and not get stuck midway. Carry options should also be available and discuss with the kydex sheath maker before hand.

Secondly, the kydex sheath needs to look good. You can tell how much effort has been put into the making of the sheath by looking at the finishing (especially for the mirror finish edges) and the small details like thumb ramp, well flared and positioned eyelets.

Well made knife sheaths to the customer’s specifications by 362 Custom Kydex


Having seen Peter completing these kydex sheaths for knives of his customer, I can conclude that he truly knows how to work with kydex. Be it key fobs, minimalist wallet, firearm holsters,  key holders or knife sheaths, 362 Custom Kydex is probably your best kydex specialist in Malaysia. Watch the video below for some kydex sheath goodness!