Custom made bike panniers for Kawasaki KLX250

A set of custom made Kawasaki KLX250 panniers by Garrison Packs
A set of custom made bike panniers for Kawasaki KLX250 by Garrison Packs

My friend shared with me pictures of his custom made bike panniers for his Kawasaki KLX250.  This is the sort of product and services that I think is severely lacking in Malaysia. To have someone who can custom make goods that meets a user’s needs and expectations. Just like custom made knives, Garrison Packs specializes in nylon based products.

These photos were also shared on Garrison Pack’s Facebook page. My friend wanted these custom made bike panniers after seeing a set that belonged to another biker. It was love at first sight but hated the color range the brand had. So, he had them made in the color he wanted with all the bells and whistles he wanted.

Made using the color and materials desired...fuuyaaah!
Custom made with color and materials desired…fuuyaaah!


There are some additional features added to the inside of this custom made bike panniers which I will leave out. But that’s the other cool thing about custom made products like these. You can add, remove or adapt features to the item that you fancy. I have seen hidden sleeves, pockets, molles, zippers, reflectors, velcros etc been added to stuff like this and how awesome it is that we are now able to do it in Malaysia! On top of that, most material used are imported from the USA and of military specifications!

I am now officially a big fan of custom made products for my toys and gears. So far, I have come to know Garrison Packs, Fursan Blades  and 362 Custom Kydex to be esteemed custom makers in their respective products and services.

I think they are to go for those who are serious about their gear and prepping mind. This custom made bike panniers have just given me some new ideas on my next toys!