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ThreeSixTwo (TST) Kydex on Facebook
ThreeSixTwo (TST) Kydex on Facebook

I was recently contacted by a reader asking about a particular kydex holsters maker in Malaysia that goes by the name TST Kydex. TST Kydex kept popping up whenever there’s a discusion about kydex holsters, knife sheaths and just about any other thing that can be kydex fitted. This kydex sheath maker seems to have good ravings among my circle of friends. Certainly, he must be quite good if gun owners in Malaysia goes to him for kydex holsters.

I do not know what it takes to own a gun legally in Malaysia but the (death) penalty of owning one illegally is enough of a deterrent for me. But heck…like every other prepper, anything related to guns is always of great interest and I am no exception. So, when Peter of TST Kydex agreed to meet me in Subang, I jumped on the opportunity… cancelled my appointments and made way to see him immediately!

I usually take a LOT of pictures when I visit a local maker (knife, bags etc) in Malaysia. However, due to the type of clients and nature of business Peter is operating, there are certain areas of his workshop I am not allowed (he requested politely!) to photograph. A hobby that has turned into a part time en-devour, TST Kydex specializes in making kydex holsters, EDC gear, sheaths and holders . Below are some sample kydex items TST Kydex has produced.

EDC lighter holders
EDC lighter holders
Really nice folding knife kydex danglers by TST Kydex
Really nice folding knife kydex danglers by TST Kydex

I guess what it all boils down to is the quality of material used on any services such as this. Peter assured me that all kydex material and its relevant components are all imported from the USA. I have in the past seen some really low quality eyelets and metal belt clips used on Kydex items. What a shame really. Thankfully, TST Kydex stash of materials are the real deal. His range of colored of kydex sheets, most of which is 0.080 inch thick are favored for its flexibility and durability. I envy his range of washers, screws, spaces etc all neatly kept for the next job! My mind racing with kydex ideas instanly!

Kydex sheets available at TST Kydex, Malaysia
Some of the kydex sheets at TST Kydex
Some of the USA imported kydex sheath making components Peter uses on his products
Some of the USA imported kydex molding components available at TST Kydex

Kydex is probably the most popular material used to make holsters today. They are durable, tough and provides good retention on hand guns, knives, multi-tools and torch lights . More importantly, in a warm and humid environment like Malaysia, kydex holsters do not mold, smell and rot like leather do. Something that many knife owners knows very well.

One thing that gives TST Kydex the edge over other kydex molders is obviously the ability to make holsters for guns/ pistols. While most of the holsters at TST Kydex are made with molding props or ‘molding drones’, there are some instances where the actual gun is made available for the molding process. In this instance, the owner of the ‘piece’ must be present (with paperwork) throughout the process of the holster making.

I am stumped by the number of kydex holsters that TST Kydex is making. On top of that, there is a stack of knives and other odd and bits that is yet to be completed. Looks like TST (stands for ThreeSixTwo) will not be having much rest these coming few weeks.

TST Kydex is obviously at the forefront of kydex molding services in Malaysia. I have seen their work personally and I can say with confidence that by far they deliver the best kydex products in Malaysia. So, if you are interested to make kydex holster or a new sheath for you knife, you really should hook up with Peter at TST Kydex.

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    1. Hi bro…saya rasa tak ada supplier kat Malaysia. Kydex ni kena import dari USA. Dengar kata kat Singapura ada supplier tapi terlalu tebal. Kegunaan dia berbeza. Import kydex ni dari USA mahal tersangat sebab berat dan besar. Cuba contact 362 Custom Kydex…kut kut dia boleh supply kydex tu.

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