OGM moving away from SS15 Subang Jaya…finally

Malaysia's knife shop is moving from SS15 to Shah Alam
Malaysia’s knife shop is moving from SS15 to Shah Alam

Malaysia only knife enthusiast shop, OGM is finally moving away from SS15 Subang Jaya! I dropped by their shop after meeting knife maker Fursan Blade and was allowed a brief ‘sneak peak’ on the works that’s going on in the old shop. This move to me personally is timely for OGM. Here are some reasons why I think OGM should move.

The parking at SS15 Subang Jaya is blardy ridiculous. It is beyond horrifying. If it weren’t for OGM’s well stocked goods of knives, original tactical goods like Vertx, Tactical Tailor and well stocked multi-tools like Leatherman (I can go on and on), I really would not have bothered venturing to this part of P.J. This is one of the few places where summonses & tickets for double parking, illegal parking and no ticket parking is a daily routine…so much so…the MBPJ even have a mobile counter set up every working day to receive complaints. ┬áThe only time when parking is not an issue is between 12 midnight and 6am and Sundays! This reason alone is enough for OGM to move.

I spy some patches I need to have to complete my patch hoarding wall
I spy some patches I need to have to complete my patch hoarding wall

OGM needed a bigger space. I guess I was one of the first few that visited OGM when they started their retail outlet in SS15. Back then, there wasn’t much stuff in the store. Over the years (I think they started in SS15 back in 2013) they grew the brands they carry to include some really impressive names. While places like Jaya Jusco (now Aeon) is still parading brands like Buck and Aitor, OGM was already offering other brands like Spyderco, Esee, Kershaw and Cold Steel. Not long after, they introduced brands like Benchmade, Zero Tolerance, Bark River and Chris Reeve. Their tactical gear range grew from brand like Helikon Tex (OGM later stopped carrying this) to Vertx, Helinox, Mystery Ranch and Tactical Tailor. OGM grew the items on their shelve. Very soon, their retail outlet at SS15 felt more like a cramped store room rather than a real store. If there were more than 10 people in the store, chances are the air is going to warm up a tad bit every 5 minutes.

Where the TV used to be...then the counter and now gone.
Where the TV used to be…then the counter and now gone.

OGM needs a new & fresh start. Like any other business, there are times when how things operate needs to be overhauled to make things better. There are new faces running OGM now and they seem to be going head on tackling new business challenges. Even with the generally perceived shrinking consumer market in Malaysia, OGM’s ‘Emperor’ is going head on with his vision for the shop. Something that OGM may have lacked previously. I was told OGM’s new outlet in Shah Alam is 3 times the size of this one. I can’t wait to see what goodies they have ion store.

If you are a knife enthusiast, a prepper or hoarder like me, you have to check out OGM Facebook page for updates on their products and events. As far as I can tell, they stock only the real stuff. No replica crap or half baked brands here. I will be visiting OGM’s new retail shop in Shah Alam soon and will try to post pictures then.