What can we learn from the Malaysian 2014 floods?

A print-screen from The Star online- a scary way to end 2014
A print-screen from The Star online- a scary way to end 2014

Its 2015 today but I can’t help but reflect on all the crazy stuff that has been hitting Malaysia in 2014. Put aside the aviation tragedies (one of which is still unfolding as I write), the floods that hit many states, especially Kelantan is possibly one of the worse many Malaysians have seen. From what I gathered from friends who responded to the floods, water came too fast too much. As prayers, help, donations and rebuilding works starts to pour into the effected states, I have to say that there is much to learn from this ‘tragedy’.

Lets not get into finding the cause of the big floods. From speaks and reads, they range from anything like mass jungle clearing (logging) to God unleashing wrath, any argument is as good as b*&#!^%t! to me. What’s important is it happened. Has it ever occurred in the past? Yes. Will it happen again? Possibly YES!

This is the sort of scenario that suffice to convince any rational, sane and logical person to start prepping. Prepping is not about saving your house, your car or your huge ass TV. It is about getting you and your loved ones to safety, to sustain them safely through a crisis such as this and hopefully help you deal better post crisis. Many people I spoke to are skeptical about prepping. My reply to them is always the same. Think of prepping as buying life insurance. It’s always a ‘What if…‘ situation.

Let us stick to the simple rules of three. You cannot survive:

3 minutes without air
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
3 months without company

There’s endless debate about the above golden rules of 3 (RO3). I am only interested to use it (or anything for that matter) to my advantage (rather than trying to engage in a never ending debate). The RO3 provides us a base to start prepping.

Prepping in Malaysia is not paranoia. You either save for a rainy day or you don’t. Either way, it is your decision. For the heck of it, I have decided to take some time to do a few ‘parts’ of write ups to re-activate my prepping in Malaysia. I will run through ideas here and see where it goes. Lets start prepping…