Giving up on Surefire lights

Served me well but its time to change
Served me well but its time to change

In Malaysia, Surefire brand of lights is often ‘the’ go to brand. It is highly reputable, collectible and definitely sell-able. I have met a few hardcore collectors and users. I understand their passion fully but as much as I like them, I find them totally lacking in some areas. Hence, it is time I sell off my trusty Surefires.

Torches are beginning to grow on me. Among all my EDC items, I find them to be the one thing that I need (not necessarily use) most. I have a Fenix LD22 which I carry in my pack on a daily basis. It is simple, practical and trustworthy (except for that one time it failed in the river).

I found these Surefire pieces when I was cleaning out the ‘man’ cave. I have always known I have Surefires but did not realize I have 3 of them and a holster too. Two of them come with incan bulbs while the newer one has LED (hallelujah!)

My Surefires gotta go
My Surefires gotta go

Why did I have them in the first place and not use them? I will admit that I fell into the herding mentality to want one (or more). The incans were utterly useless. They drains the batteries as fast as I take a piss. I don’t care that some says because it is a tactical light or what not. Surefire does not seem to be coping fast enough with LED capabilities in the market. Even brands like Armytek, Fenix and Elzetta are way ahead of them. What I dislike even more is the fact that these Surefires are not able to accept any other batteries except for the primary CS123s. Some say its because rechargables are not reliable for tactical use. Somewhat I find that to be something that is full of bull!@#*.


Left is the incan...the one in the middle is an LED Surefire
Left is the incan…the one in the middle is an LED Surefire

Ah…who needs Surefire anyway (except of the US army perhaps). I think the rest of the world will do fine with Fenix, Zebra lights or any other brands that keeps up with technology. If your argument is you want an American made torch using the latest technology, then I suggest you take a look at brands like Elzetta. From some reviews and videos I see on the internet, they seem to be better torches than Surefires.

My Surefires now for sale
My Surefires now for sale

So, I have given my 3 units of Surefire to a friend who will help me sell them. I could not be happier getting rid of them. Good riddance.






2 thoughts on “Giving up on Surefire lights”

  1. Had you known that SureFires can be modded, I’d doubt you would sell them.

    The beloved Elzetta you mentioned uses Malkoff Devices light engines, specifically the M60. Malkoff Devices produces M61 now that is a direct drop-in replacement for the SureFire P60 lamp module.

    In fact, modders like Nailbender (from can make just about any combination of light engine to replace the P60 lamp. If you are cheaping out, Chinese makes like Solarforce makes drop ins too. Just look it up in eBay for generic P60 replacements.

    In fact, SureFire (though it was indeed slow to catch up) do have lights that are on par with the other makes. I suspect your knowledge on SureFire is not.

    Anyway, good blog. I am a prepper too.


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