Jungle bushcraft and jungle survival in Malaysia ; Part IV

Jungle bushcraft
Some river prawns and fish caught during one of the jungle survival courses I attended in the past. Every bit counts when you have very little to eat for an entire day

I hear people talking about jungle bushcraft and jungle survival in Malaysia all the time. Someone asked me what my thoughts are on both. Well, to be quite honest I am not 100% sure myself. But if I had to give an answer, I would say the former is more of practice and acquisition of knowledge and skills which (hopefully) would then help you in the latter. And of course, the word bushcraft really does have a calmer soothing tone while survival seems a bit too extreme. One is voluntary while the other is not.

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The jungle survival skills teacher; Part III

jungle survival skills
Choose your jungle survival teacher wisely. Your life may depend on it

The best jungle survivall skills teacher may just be yourself. It all boils down to how much you are willing to learn and the amount of practise you have invested in mastering the appropriate skills. You can actually learn jungle survival skills from the internet or by reading books but some of these knowledge would require you to practice (fire making, shelter building, knife handling etc). Spending time in the jungle helps to expand your comfort zone and understanding of the jungle better.

Here are a few jungle survival skills teachers I have met in the past. While some may not claim to be teachers, I still learnt a lot from them. If I had to name jungle survival teachers (whom I know personally) here in Malaysia, these would be the individuals.

Disclaimer: The following are based strictly on my personal experience and opinion.

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Learning jungle survival in Malaysia; Part II

learning jungle survival
Jungle survival is not just about knives and gears. Without the right skill and knowledge, equipment are just things we lug around

Everyone wanting to actively camp and hike should make learning jungle survival in Malaysia a must. In my previous write-up on jungle survival courses in Malaysia, I suggested there are many self-proclaimed jungle survival experts who may not offer the right kind of knowledge and skills to the public. How then can we gauge whether the person or organization is capable or otherwise? Well, there is no set guidelines or standard out there but there are certainly some steps we can take to make a better assessment. They may not be the best but I think at the very least you can narrow down your search and lessen your loss.

Note that these are strictly my personal opinions.

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Jungle survival courses in Malaysia; Part I

jungle survival Malaysia
Who can you trust enough to teach you the right skill and knowledge in jungle survival?

Jungle survival courses in Malaysia are aplenty but one that is taught by someone knowledgeable and experienced is really hard to come by. I have personally attended jungle survival courses and have come to the conclusion that some are just a waste of time. There are only a handful of individuals whom I have met that (to my honest opinion) are good enough to actually deliver a useful course. Many are interested to attend a jungle survival course but finding a good one is really hard.

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Kedai pisau Ganzo pindah ke tempat baru

kedai pisau Ganzo
Lokasi baru kedai pisau Ganzo terletak lebih kurang 300 meter sahaja dari tempat lama


Kedai pisau Ganzo milik Dannie telah berpindah ke tempat baru, tidak jauh dari lokasi lamanya di Ara Damansara. Selain pisau jenama Ganzo, kedai Radiant Den juga menjual barangan lain seperti lampu LED, bateri cas semula (rechargables) dan aksesori hiking. Dengan satu sudut ‘workshop’ baru di dalam kedai, Dannie kini dapat mendalami minat dan hobinya.

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Explorer Outfitter; what the…?

Explorer Outfitter
The new Explorer Outfitter retail outlet is located at DaMen, USJ

Explorer Outfitter is another local Malaysian outdoor gear retailer. They have been around for several years now but I never did have the chance (nor took the effort actually) to visit any of their stores. Rumours and whispers about this outdoor gear retailer has been mixed from the very beginning. Some say it has a lot of variety while others think the quality is crap. When a friend told me a new outlet is opening up in Damen USJ (near to me), I decided to check it out myself.

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Older Norlund brand axe

Norlund brand axe
An old Norlund axe found among the stash of tools that belongs to dad

Here’s an older Norlund brand axe I dug up from the pile of tool my dad kept in the store. Dad wanted me to take down a tree and asked me to go get a cutting tool. Didn’t know what brand the axe was until I have done the task asked off me. Quite a good little axe. Even just after a brief use, I felt it outperforms the Silky Ono and Gransfors I tried out previously.

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Where to buy camping hammock in KL

camping hammock
Two available camping hammock models at Decathlon during my recent visit


There are several places where you can buy camping hammock in KL. Online selling sites like Mudah and Lelong has much to offer, though some may not be suitable at all for jungle camping because of the size, design and especially weight. The gem hammock I found recently was at Decathlon, a sporting gear retailer I am loving more and more. Decathlon stores are located at Sri Damansara and USJ (beside Summit USJ).

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Jungle footwear

So many options to choose for jungle footwear. Each has its pros and cons


Jungle footwear is an important consideration for extended jungle expedition trips. What is a suitable shoe for the jungle? A pair of Adidas kampong or gum buts? Or should it be something made of waterproof material to keep the water out? These are some questions I started asking myself since I started jungle camping. Over time, through self experiments and reading resources on the internet, I have come to the following conclusion.

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Hammock for jungle camping

large jungle scorpion
One of the little jungle ground creatures I encountered recently. This fella was attracted to the light from out campsite

Hammock for jungle camping is the best option for those who truly want to do long term jungle trips. I have been watching episodes of Naked & Afraid and Marooned with Ed Stafford and each time it comes to the jungle, two things stand out consistently…you have to get off the jungle floor and you got to protect yourself from the little creatures.

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