Explorer Outfitter; what the…?

Explorer Outfitter
The new Explorer Outfitter retail outlet is located at DaMen, USJ

Explorer Outfitter is another local Malaysian outdoor gear retailer. They have been around for several years now but I never did have the chance (nor took the effort actually) to visit any of their stores. Rumours and whispers about this outdoor gear retailer has been mixed from the very beginning. Some say it has a lot of variety while others think the quality is crap. When a friend told me a new outlet is opening up in Damen USJ (near to me), I decided to check it out myself.

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Older Norlund brand axe

Norlund brand axe
An old Norlund axe found among the stash of tools that belongs to dad

Here’s an older Norlund brand axe I dug up from the pile of tool my dad kept in the store. Dad wanted me to take down a tree and asked me to go get a cutting tool. Didn’t know what brand the axe was until I have done the task asked off me. Quite a good little axe. Even just after a brief use, I felt it outperforms the Silky Ono and Gransfors I tried out previously.

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Where to buy camping hammock in KL

camping hammock
Two available camping hammock models at Decathlon during my recent visit


There are several places where you can buy camping hammock in KL. Online selling sites like Mudah and Lelong has much to offer, though some may not be suitable at all for jungle camping because of the size, design and especially weight. The gem hammock I found recently was at Decathlon, a sporting gear retailer I am loving more and more. Decathlon stores are located at Sri Damansara and USJ (beside Summit USJ).

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Jungle footwear

So many options to choose for jungle footwear. Each has its pros and cons


Jungle footwear is an important consideration for extended jungle expedition trips. What is a suitable shoe for the jungle? A pair of Adidas kampong or gum buts? Or should it be something made of waterproof material to keep the water out? These are some questions I started asking myself since I started jungle camping. Over time, through self experiments and reading resources on the internet, I have come to the following conclusion.

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Hammock for jungle camping

large jungle scorpion
One of the little jungle ground creatures I encountered recently. This fella was attracted to the light from out campsite

Hammock for jungle camping is the best option for those who truly want to do long term jungle trips. I have been watching episodes of Naked & Afraid and Marooned with Ed Stafford and each time it comes to the jungle, two things stand out consistently…you have to get off the jungle floor and you got to protect yourself from the little creatures.

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Nature trips near KL with Eddie Yap

Nature trips near KL
Our licensed nature guide Eddie Yap guiding us into Chilling Waterfall in KKB

I was searching on the internet for nature trips near KL when my friend referred me to Eddie Yap.  Eddie is a registered licensed nature guide and he agreed to lead us to the popular Chilling waterfall in Kuala Kubu Baru. We thought a nature walk to a waterfall would be ideal, since we had a guest from NZ visiting us in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kedai barang sukan Decathlon baru di USJ

Kedai barang sukan Decathlon
Cawangan terbaru Decathlon terletak di USJ, bersebelahan SUMMIT USJ dan bangunan Mydin

Decathlon merupakan sebuah kedai barang sukan baru di Malaysia dan kini cawangan keduanya telah dibuka di USJ. Cawangan baru ini terletak diantara bangunan Summit dan Da Men Mall. Hampir 2 jam dihabiskan membelek barangan di dalam gedung besar ini. Kini saya yakin, Decathlon adalah kedai barang sukan terulung di Malaysia.

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Kedai jual pisau Mora di Malaysia

kedai pisau Mora di Malaysia
Kedai OGM di Shah Alam mempunyai banyak pilihan pisau Mora

Baru-baru ini, saya singgah kedai jual pisau Mora di Shah Alam. Kedai yang bukan asing lagi bagi peminat pisau di Malaysia iaitu OGM. Teringin saya membelek sendiri model baru pisau Mora. Pisau buatan Sweden ini walaupun murah (berbanding harga pisau lain) tetapi ia menang dari aspek kualiti dan praktikaliti.

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One Planet backpack from Australia

one planet daypack
Some letters fadded…this is the discontinued One Planet Little Ripper 45 daypack

This is the Little Ripper 45, a One Planet backpack from Australia I scored from New Zealand recently. A relatively unknown brand to many, One Planet is known to make robust, bullet proof packs for the hard and harsh environment of Australia. Having heard many good things about the brand and the products, I jumped on the opportunity to own one, even though it is an old and discontinued model.

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Simple backpack mod

mountainsmith wolrd cup flap
The velcro on the flaps no longer work. It keeps opening up. I gotta do something about it

I decided to do a simple backpack mod on the Mountainsmith World Cup backpack over the weekend. I been taking this pack on daily basis recently and realized the velcro flap at the front doesn’t seem to stick anymore. The flap keeps opening up whenever I stuff the front pocket with stuff. Something easy to fix…now that I have a sewing machine at home.

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